Career Test ReSources Boost Awareness & Accelerate Careers

Career Test Resource Products:
Boost Awareness and Accelerate Careers

Boost your self-knowledge and understanding, and accelerate your progress towards achieving your career goals. TestEts offers them in variety of formats because everyone learns and absorbs information differently (as THAB career ability test shows).  We hope that by doing this you will experience both satisfaction in and success from your career tests.

Career Test Resource Products: Benefits

MBTI Resources Information Books on Careers College Leadership Stress Communications Team Building Mission Statements Abilities College and Careers SII MBTI THAB FIRO Career Test Report Clarification Workbooks

Career Resource Information Workbooks and Books featuring Strong Interest Inventory, Highlands Ability, Myers Briggs Type tests assessments workbooks including Career Anchors The Path Highlands Right Career and College

(1) Enable you extrapolate the most information from your test reports;

(2) Provide you with more and detailed information on specific career test topics;

(3) Reduce the number and times you need to take career tests;

(4) Offer you unique specialized career tests in book form;

(5) Supplement Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI career tests;

(6) Enhance your learning both in terms of absorption and understanding of career test material.

Career Test Resources Available: Workbooks

Most workbooks provide career test information and career test exercises to clarify the meanings and labels used by each of the main career tests offered by TestEts.  Some provide a step by step approach through the entire career factors involved in arriving at an informed and satisfying career decision and career goal.  TestEts Clarifying Workbooks include:

THAB Right Work – Work Right Workbook: Comparative information on all of the main ability test modules and exercises for key aspects of the career test report. 22 pages for 40 page career test report

Myers Briggs Type workbook to clarify MBTI career test results

Myers Briggs Type workbook clarify MBTI career test results with career test explanations and exercises

MBTI Detailed and Verifying Workbook: Explanations of benefits and limitations, 80/20 rule, each of the scales in unique ways and combinations of scales in pictorial format with steps to clarifying and verifying your MBTI type (MBTI 4-letter type code). 22 pages for various MBTI test reports


SII Test Clarifying Workbook: Explanation of limitations and of each of the 6 career interest based personalities in 10 pictorial charts. 15 pages for various SII career test reports.

FIRO-B BUSINESS Clarifying Workbook: Explanation of limitations, cautions and usefulness of career test report for career development, leadership development, team building and need fulfillment. 9 pages

Assessment TEST Analysis Worksheet: Chart exercises to consolidate all career test report information.  Appropriate for MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator, SII Strong Interest Inventory and THAB Highlands Ability Battery career tests. 4 pages.

Career Test Resources Available:
Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Resources and MBTI Books

An article was written in September 2011 listing all of the MBTI Type Resource Books with a concise explanation of content material about Myers Briggs types.  You can click on  “MBTI  Type Resource Books” to be taken to the article where you can read brief descriptions about the contents of each of the MBTI Type booklets. Or you can link on each MBTI Type Book title listed below to obtain a detailed explanation, inside book cover viewing and purchase information of each of these MBTI Type books.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test - MBTI Introduction_to_Type_and_Careers

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test – MBTI Introduction_to_Type_and_Careers

Functions (Strengths & Weaknesses), Dynamics of Development (of Strengths & Weaknesses),

Conflict Mitigation, Change Management, Communications, EQ: Emotional Intelligence,

Careers and Job Search Strategies, In the Grip Stress Management, Performance in Organizations

Teams and Team Building, Project Management, Leadership, Decision-Making, Selling, Innovation,

College and Careers,  Learning Styles and Learning

Career Test Resources Available: Other Books

The PATH Field Guide: Create Your Personal Mission and Vision Statements

The Path Workbook: Finding Your Mission Purpose and Vision and Writing Mission Statement and Vision Statement

The Path Workbook: Finding Your Mission Purpose and Vision

This technology is designed to help you develop a mission statement, a vision statement, and an action plan that is in perfect alignment with your gifts and talents. When you’ve completed this process you will have a clearly defined territory of responsibility, and a sword you can use to help cut away unproductive entanglements. 65 pages

Highlands: The Right Choice Matching your Abilities with College and Careers

Students need help in reaching their decisions, and conventional matching tools are inadequate to accomplish this process resulting in college course drops, degree or major changes, and college drop-outs. For THAB career tests only. 103 pages

CAREER ANCHORS Workbook: Capture your Values throughout Your Life For Career Development and Decision Making

Gives you information about career development, to provide you with a process that will enable you to assess more fully your career anchor, and to provide you with a process for analyzing your current job situation as well as possible future career options. 67 pages

Joining the Entrepreneurial Elite: Four Styles to Business Success

Entreprenuer Test and Workbook to Identify Entrepreneur Style and How that Entrepreneur can Be Successful

Entreprenuer Test and Workbook to Identify Entrepreneur Style and Entrepreneur Success

By identifying four distinct entrepreneurial styles — the Administrator, the Tactician, the Strategist, and the Idealist — this book shows readers how to identify their own style and use it as the cornerstone for building a successful business or product line. 155 pages


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