Time Frame Orientation

A person’s Time Frame Orientation aptitude has a big affect on their life. Does someone you know drive you crazy by their inability to set and reach goals? It seems impossible for them to think about the future, and so they are always unprepared. Or maybe your loved one always has his head in the clouds and can’t focus on the present moment. Both of these characteristics are part of an individual’s Time Frame Orientation.

Time Frame Orientation is an aptitude. TFO is the term The Highlands Ability Battery uses to describe the way you best set goals. It basically answers the question, “What is your orientation to time?” In other words, do you think about the future and what will happen in several months? Or are you more occupied with the present and what you should be doing now? Both of these qualities are important in their own ways, and each person has a certain Time Frame Orientation score. What’s yours?

Johnson O’Connor, an aptitude researcher, calls Time Frame Orientation “foresight.” They say that this is the “aptitude for seeing possibilities.” When you know your Time Frame Orientation or foresight score, it “can help [you] determine the best approach to goal setting. Those scoring high should set long-term, challenging goals… Those scoring low seem to be more literal and immediate, good at getting things done in the here and now.” 

Here’s an example of the kind of test that determines your Time Frame Orientation score. This is from The Highland’s Ability Battery.  

aptitude test ability test time frame orientation

This is part of the Highlands Ability Battery Test that determines your Time Frame Orientation score.

Though it may not seem like it, a few simple tests like this help you understand your relationship to time. Then, you can play into your strengths and set goals appropriate to your aptitude. As you have probably experienced with that exasperating loved one, you can’t just make someone think about the future and set high goals, nor can you force someone to pay attention to the present moment! By working with your aptitude, you will find it easier to achieve, with less things falling by the wayside.

You can take an aptitude test today! The Highlands Ability Battery is one of the best. It will describe almost two dozen of your aptitudes, what they mean for your life, and what careers would be suitable to your strongest aptitudes.

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