Best Career Tests for Choosing a Major

Best Career Tests for Choosing a Major

While there are free tests available on the internet, they only brush upon what you need to know to make a choice that will follow you the rest of your life. The links below will take you to the premier career tests that offer in-depth looks at your natural interests, abilities and personality for choosing a college major.

  • Strong Test is the best for discovering your interests. You’ll get a 23-page report including charts and an explanation of your career profile, personal styles, top work tasks and matched career options.
  • Strong Test plus Myers Briggs is the perfect combo to analyze your interests and personality.  In addition to the Strong Test, you’ll get an extensive look at how to choose your career according to your personality type.
  • Highlands Ability Assessment describes you in relation to 19 abilities, four work keys, and five learning styles. It also delivers a ranking of 35 work tasks to determine your career ability. Most importantly, it shows you if you have driving abilities that demand expression for happiness in a job (and many of us do).

With the soaring cost of education, it only makes sense for every student to make sure they’re choosing the right college major before they take that first step into the classroom.  The cost of even the most complete college career testing  package is less than half the cost of the cheapest college class in any major. Even inexpensive career testing packages are available.

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