What Does DiSC Stand For?

What Does “DiSC” Stand For?

The DiSC Test is a very useful career test that pinpoints characteristics that contribute to the way you work. This can be extremely helpful in finding a job you love, and avoiding taking a job you hate. But what do each of the letters stand for?

Navigate the slides below to view each of the four categories, and a list of descriptors from the Personal Insights Profile DiSC Booklet that go with each letter:

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Now that you’ve been introduced to a little bit about each of the four types of people that the DiSC Test presents, follow these links to learn more about how each letter: adds value to a team, tends to react under stress, works best, and is most limited:

  1. “D” = Dominance

  2. “I” = Influence

  3. “S” = Steadiness

  4. “C” = Compliance

To take the DiSC Test, go to TestEts.

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