DiSC Test: Influence


In the DiSC Test, “I” stands for “Influence”.

What does a high test score on the “Influencing” scale on DiSC Behavioral test mean to me? How will I work best in a team? What negative behaviors do I exhibit under stress? What are my weaknesses? The Personal Insights Profile and DiSC Booklet gives many helpful characteristics and descriptions for these four categories for each of the DiSC quadrants.

Primary Driving Force of an “S” is optimism – being positive and driving forward is the goal. All personality behaviors of DiSC type “I” emanate from this force.

  • Value To The Team:

    What does a DiSC Influencer type contribute to work team? A DiSC test type “I” contributes these qualities and behaviors to the team:

    • Attitude of optimism, enthusiasm and eagerness for the new
    • Creatively solves a variety of problems
    • With optimism motivates peers, employees, clients toward goals
    • Acts as member of a team; is a team player
    • Strives to find solutions to conflicts through negotiations
  • Ideal Environment:

    In what type of work environment will a DiSC Influencer type thrive, excel and succeed? In a work environment where there is:

    • A significant amount of people contact
    • Freedom from authoritarian style management and control and detail
    • Freedom to set own schedule, freedom to move, flexible schedule
    • Willingness to have ideas be heard and respected
    • A democratic leadership style and superiors with whom to associate with
  • Tendency Under Stress:

    When a person is under stress, the negative aspects of their personality reveal themselves. You can tell when a DiSC test “I” is under excessive pressure because they exhibit the following behaviors:

    • Self-promoting and self-aggrandizement
    • Overly optimistic and excessively eager
    • Excessive talking with inability to listen effectively; Gabby
    • Unrealistic expectations
  • Possible Limitations:

    In additions to the numerous strengths of an “Influencer”, it is prudent to know what the weakness of a DiSC “I” is as well. Here are the most obvious weakness behaviors of an “Influencer”:

    • Inattentive to details
    • Overly optimistic appraisal of people
    • Indiscriminately trusts and believes people
    • Challenged listener reveals itself as situational and sporadic listener
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