Career Personality Tests for New Careers

There is very few career personality tests that are suitable for finding a new career.  Most career personality tests focus on career management, career development, leadership development or employee development.  We will look solely at the one career personality test that actually provides career options based on your personality.

Myers Briggs® Standard Career Personality Test

The Myers Briggs® test is the valid and reliable career personality test that provides

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test on Personal Strengths

career options for your personality type.  There are a host of free  career personality tests but these have not undergone any research to ensure accuracy of results.  With free  career personality tests you risk using a tool that is little more than a “guestimation”.  With the Myers Briggs® test you can be assured that the results you receive are sound, reliable, valid and accurate.

The Myers Briggs® personality test assess you along 4 personality scales based on Jungian typological data.  The first and last scales are orientations scales.  The first measures your “source” of energy also call your energy orientation, and the last assesses your externally manifested approach or response to the multitude of data you receive daily, sometime referred to as your lifestyle orientation.  The inner two scales are known as function scales.  The S-N scale determine how to you take in information to your awareness.  I call this the input mode.  The T-F scale assesses how you determine what to do with the information you have become aware of.  It is how you draw conclusions, form opinions or make decisions.  I call this the output mode.  On these two scales, you will find your strengths and weaknesses as well as your skill partners and skill function development over a lifetime.

The results from these four scales produce your 4-letter career personality type code.  There are a total of 16 letter possibilities. Some letter combinations make up only 1% of the American population while others make up as much as 13%.  I recently met with a client who was a female 1% with a typical male type code. She was relieved to learn that her unusual nature which made friendships challenging was because she was not in the 1 percentile, but as a woman with a typical male type code was in the .25 percentile.  It assured her of her “specialness” in the world.

Myers Briggs® Advanced Career Personality Test*

It is possible to obtain a 20 point career personality type code using a more

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test on Personal Strengths

sophisticated Myers Briggs® Personality Test.  Consider this Myers Briggs® test if a) you have previously confirmed your Myers Briggs® 4-letter type code and seek more detailed information about your type code, b) you are unsure of your Myers Briggs® 4-letter code and wish to uncover your scores on 5 subscales for each of the 4 scales.  This proved highly valuable to a gentleman who had a moderate score on T yet it was his dominant function.  We discovered that his moderate score resulted from obtaining top scores on 2 T side factors counteracted with tops scores on 2 F side factors.  His overall score on this scale was determined by a single T factor.  It explained for him why he and others saw him as extremely logical and rational (T side factors) , and yet highly accepting and accommodating of others (not T side but F side factors).

MBTI® Career Personality Test Reports

Both versions of the Myers Briggs® personality test – the 4 point and 20 point scales – produce a Career Personality Test Report.  You will obtain the following information from either Myers Briggs® test: a)Summary of your MBTI® personality test results, b) How Your Type Affects Your Career Choice, Your Career Exploration and Your Career Development, c) Job Families and Occupations for Your Type and their rankings, and d) Most and Least Popular Occupations.

Click here for Combinations of Myers Briggs® Personality Tests (career personality test) with the Strong® Interest Inventory (career interest test).*

In addition, you can combine the Myers Briggs® Personality Test with the Strong® Test to obtain a career report that blends both results from your career personality with your career interests. You will receive information on your top Strong® code with your 4-letter Myers Briggs® personality test  type code which articulates facets of your ideal work environment and work activity preferences.  In addition it suggests the top career fields and specific occupations along with additional occupations to explore for your combined career test results. Action steps for career exploration, career management and career change are also included. Some include college information as well.

Please compare the results and review samples of Myers Briggs® Personality Test Career Report as well as the various Strong® Interest Test + Myers Briggs® Personality Test Combined Career Reports before making your career test selection to help you determine a new career for yourself. (Access* to samples is found through link attached to each career value test title.)

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