Should I get Consultation for my Career Test Results with Career Coach

You should ALWAYS get a consultation for career test results with a certified test consultant.  In fact, ALL good career tests REQUIRE a consultations with a certified career coach and include it in the cost of the test.  Let’s look at the reasons for this answer in more detail, though. (See video below for individual perspectives)

More specifically, there are two parts to this answer to the question.  First, the person must be career test certified and, second, you should have a consultation for every career test you take.  Let’s look at them separately.  And, then we’ll present our recommendations.

Career Consultation from Career Coach about Career Test

Get a career consultation with a certified career coach about your career test results

Should the career coach (or psychologist) be certified or licensed to interpret the particular test? 

The bottom-line answer is YES.  In order for a career coach to obtain certification or licensure they must complete a specified amount of training, and may even have to renew their licensure through more training.  With training, they learn all of the nuances, exceptions and application scenarios for a particular test in addition to learning the best way to translate the information.

I’ve had plenty of people tell me that they are working with a psychotherapist or school counselor or psychologist and don’t need a separate test certified consultant to provide the test interpretation for them.  They are sadly mistaken.  Most school counselors, psychologist and psychotherapist are not trained to interpret career tests.  Always have a consultation with a test-certified consultant or career coach.

What if I have a consultation without a someone who is not certified in a particular career test? 

Simply put, you will not gain the full impact of or even accurate information from the results.  Nor will they have been trained to apply your results to the career decision process which consists of 6 – 12 steps depending on the career model.  And, even more importantly, they will not have the background or knowledge to apply it to various work and personal situations.  Finally, non-test certified career coaches, psychologist, counselors or therapist do not have a working knowledge of careers, occupations, or industries needed to translate the information into your past jobs or potential new career targets.

So what do certified test consultants do for you?

You get 3 key benefits from having a consultation with a certified consultant. Watch this video below to find out.  I’ve summarized the message in the video at the bottom of the article, along with links to respected career coach certified in multiple career tests.

FYI: Highlands refers to a particular career test. I believe it is the best one on the market today.

What are the Main Reasons for Having Consultation about Career Test with Test-Certified Career Coach?

1. Test-Certified Career Coach will accurately translate the written document into words that actually meaning something to you.  She will describe the labels and language in different ways so you can truly relate to the descriptions and fully understand them.  In other words, she interprets the descriptions to mean something to you.

2. Test-Certified Career Coach will draw on her vast knowledge of the nuances of the test as well as the world of work, career, industries and occupations to provide the full impact of any one feature on the test in “real life” terms. And, how you could expect it to play out in your life.  In other words, how they influence you in terms of career, work and life.

3. Certified Career Coaches (not just certified in a particular test) provide a high-touch component to a flat piece of paper or the white and black of words on a screen.  Talking things through with an expert who cares about you made “things start to click”.  Few people learn just by reading.  Almost all learn by relating.

Bottom-line, all GOOD career tests require a career consultation for these reasons and include it in the purchasing cost.  Check to see if that’s the case with the career test you are considering.  Don’t bother taking the test or purchasing one that doesn’t include a consultation with a career coach who is certified in that test.

How many consultation sessions should you schedule?

Typically only one consultation is required for a career test consultation.   You should ideally you should receive at least one consultation for each career test you take, and have an additional consultation to tie the career test results together.  Ideally, it is recommended to schedule one to interpret the results and a second to apply the results to your situation so effective planning can take place.

How should I choose the right test-certified career coach to provide the consultation?

In addition, it is advantage to receive a career test consultation from a career coaches who are certified in multiple career tests.  While they review one career test with you they are able to pull related information from it for your benefit.  Find a career coach who is licensed and trained in multiple career tests so you reap the benefit of not just her depth of knowledge in one career test, but her breadth of knowledge in multiple career tests.  Marjorie Wall Hofer is one such career test expert who grants free inquiry consultation should you wish to talk more about this with someone.


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