Advantages of the FIRO Business™ Leadership Test

Advantages of the FIRO Business™  Leadership Test

The FIRO Business™  Leadership Test . . .

FIRO BusinessTM Leadership

FIRO BusinessTM Leadership Test

was created specifically for business settings.  FIRO Business™  uses contemporary business rather than general interpersonal terminology.  Leaders in corporations and business find the questions in
this FIRO test, therefore, to be more appropriate to their roles.

The FIRO Business™  Test . . .

has been internationally normed not just nationally normed in the USA.  That means, the questions and scenarios presented by this FIRO test are relevant and understood across several cultures.  The business terminology is relevant in the US as much as it is in Europe and China, for example.  It, therefore, can be confidently used by and in organizations in many parts of the world.  It is however, only available in English at this time.

The FIRO Business™  Leadership Test . . .

has been developed 50 years later than the FIRO-B®  Leadership Test.  As a result, it has been able to incorporate research results gathered from over half a century of time.  This gives the FIRO Business™  Leadership Test the advantage of being of more relevant for modern interpersonal scenarios.  Its a contemporary assessment tool for current business applications.

Two reports are available with the FIRO Business™  Test…

Its basic chart version called the FIRO Business™  Profile Chart consists of 5 pages of charts with brief explanations.  This report has 3 more pages than the FIRO-B®  Profile report.  The FIRO Business™  is also available as the FIRO Business™  Leadership Report.  This reports focuses on  the impact on relating with co-workers, manager, and direct reports.  It provides information about how you handle negotiations, conflict, decisions, and priorities with suggestions on how to improve in each of these areas.  It is not just useful for leaders but also for professionals seeking to develop more effective interpersonal skills as well as leadership effectiveness.

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