Would I Make a Good Accountant?

Accounting can be a lucrative career, but it takes a certain type to excel in this field. To be happy and successful, you need to test low on five talent-based reasoning abilities.

Would I make a Good Accountant?

To find out how you score, take The Highland’s Ability Battery Test.

You’ll need step-by-step reasoning, sound judgment, and the ability to concentrate on data rather than generating ideas. You also want to be able to focus on the abstracts, like numbers, opposed to tangibles, like buildings and tools. Along with these traits, you need to have the ability to observe irregularities in numbers on spreadsheets as well as have visual speed.

Depending on the firm and position you’re interested in, there’s a chance your job will require an explanation of the information in easily understandable ways. Therefore, Concept Organization is essential. For example, lawyers hire forensic accountants to assess the value of large estates necessary to enable judges to allocate fair and equitable distribution of assets in divorce cases. Concept Organization tends to be an ability that females tend to have over males. It is not surprising to see such offices employing more female than male workers. 

One forensic accountant I know possesses both Generalist and Idea Productivity abilities.  It is close to the career profile for what is known as “deal-maker.”  As a hobby, this accountant works for another joint venture company building and negotiating deals for the purchase of real estate buildings as an investment. 

Once you land in your career field, knowing your unique profile pattern helps you to find the perfect niche career. 

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