MBTI College Personality Test for College Success

 For College Success take MBTI College Personality Test

Looking to be successful beyond the classroom? Through the trials and tribulations of high school, some students overlook the tough difficulties that college brings. Through the well-known test brand of Myers Briggs College Test, potential students can receive information after answering questions that determine their unique personality. Through the sixteen different personality types that this college personality test offers, the students’ results will not only help him or her in college but in daily life.

What will you learn about Yourself and Succeeding at College?

To start, you will get your 4-letter MBTI code and description of it and how to apply it a college setting.  Each letter represents a different trait with many descriptors.  For example, I is labeled introversion but it means learn through reflecting, able to concentrate for long time on solitary activity, and wanting to be an expert in something.  That just a start.  Combinations of two letters means a completely different trait. For example, NF types usually seek the right place to contribute in the world whereas SF seek to be “of service” in some way.  Obviously that’s just a quick intro, and there is so much more to find out.

You will gain many descriptors to your specific personality type.  You can use these to better understand yourself – and be “proud” of who you are.  But you can also apply synonyms about your personality to your resume to help you get a job or internship.  The Myers Briggs College Personality Test shows the recipient how clearly they expressed one preference over the other, ultimately showing how solidly their personality has developed in that area (an indication of maturity).

 What to do once the test is complete to achieve College Success?

Once completed, the test will provide information that can help a student plan his or her degree, majors, classes and adult careers. These are all critical to know to succeed at college.  The drop-out rate and course change rate, which is costly, goes up the less clear a student is about these.  So find out and make the right choice for and in college.

The Myers Briggs personality type descriptions can lead to success in your dorm,

classroom and social relationships etc. simply by helping you understand what you like, how you tick, who you prefer to hang-out with, what study habit work best for you, and so on. With four letter Myers Briggs code as your personality type, you might conclude that introvert means shy and extrovert means outgoing. After reading about your personality type, you will come to the realizations that introversion doesn’t mean shy but one-on-one relating, and extroversion doesn’t mean outgoing but needing interactions and action to get energy.

Going above and beyond for College Success

The Myers Briggs College Test also comes with books (link) that can help a student gain

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test on Personal Strengths

even more understanding of his or her results.   Some books expand on the College Success (learning, roommates, etc) while others provide Career information (popular and most chosen careers). To be a successful student can be incredibly stressful without the knowledge of your individual learning style, study habits and test taking skills; but to just try to understand these characteristics can be overwhelming or even confusing by simply reading them.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get a consultation with a Myers Briggs Test expert.

Amazingly, Myers Briggs College Test comes with a free feedback consultation with licensed Myers Briggs consultants. Yes, you read this correctly! True Myers Briggs tests MUST include a FREE consultation. Consultants offer a free consultation with the purchase of the test. The consultation is interactive and informative to confirm the recipients’ conclusive personality type, making the test more intimate and understandable. Wherever possible, the consultant will apply your Myers Briggs code specifically to your college needs so you can experience success at college.

The numerous successful college students, who have taken the Myers Briggs College Personality Test, represent the success of this college personality test. Not only did it help them in their dorms, classrooms and friends but also it ultimately helped them in their career choices and success above and beyond.

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