What are the Advantages of FIRO-B® Leadership Test?

Advantages of FIRO-B®  Leadership Test

FIRO-B Leadership

FIRO-B Test Sample Report

The FIRO-B®  Leadership Test is a tried and proven assessment test with over 60 years of use with people in various roles.  It has proven over this time frame to be a highly reliable and valid interpersonal test for many situations, including for leaders.

The FIRO-B®  Leadership Test presents a more thorough list of questions to the test-taker.  A total of 54 questions instead of 30 are used to generate the FIRO-B®  report.

While the FIRO-B®  Test was normed in an American setting with military personnel, it has proven to valid for many situations where people interact together on a daily basis.  Its use of general interpersonal terminology means it crosses from business to personal interactions and provides an understanding of a broader spectrum of interpersonal situations.

The FIRO-B®  Test has two distinct advantages.  It is available in 8 languages other than US English and therefore available for business leaders in countries from Denmark, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany and China besides the United States.  Both simplified and traditional Chinese are available to Chinese speaking people.

Its other advantage is that the FIRO-B®  Test can be taken with the Myers Briggs®  test to produce a combined FIRO-B®  and Myers Brigg’s Leadership report.  This is a huge advantage since Myers Briggs®  is the most utilized assessment tool in business today; and to obtain results that present insights into one’s leadership effectiveness from both lens (FIRO-B®  and Myers Briggs® ) enables one to more clearly understand their interpersonal behaviors in leadership roles.

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