Leadership Skill Test: FIRO Develops Leaders

FIRO leadership test for leadership skills development

Lack of leadership skill is the cause of much business problems.  With the upcoming retirement of millions of baby boomers currently in positions of leadership, the need to develop leadership skill in the gen X and gen Y professionals to replace them is of paramount importance.

Professionals, managers and executives needing to develop leadership skills should consider the FIRO leadership test which gives specific insights in leadership style and suggestions to improve  leadership skills.  Let’s look specifically at how this leadership test can help you develop your leadership behaviors.

FIRO and Leadership

FIRO or FIRO-B measures one’s Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientations by identifying specific needed and expressed Behaviors.  How does that relate to leadership?  Most key leadership skills involve interpersonal behaviors such as influencing, managing and directing the behaviors of others within the corporation. These relating skills among others are measured by the FIRO.

Using  FIRO for leadership skill development

How can you use the FIRO to develop your leadership skills?   With the FIRO, you receive specific suggestions for improving your interpersonal leadership behaviors.  Unfortunately, not all FIRO tests offer suggestions so please check samples to ensure that the one you select does.  Each of the 5 interpersonal  leadership sections includes  on average five “developmental stretches” to enhance specific leadership skills.  At the end of your report, you receive a full page of “next step” suggestions to implement action plans to facilitate interpersonal leadership behavioral development.

 Using  FIRO for Leadership Style Insights

How can you use the FIRO to gain insights into your interpersonal leadership behaviors?  You will obtain 1 – 2 pages of insights into your current leadership style and related behaviors for each of the 5 sections.  You will discover how you specifically relate to co-workers, managers, and direct reports.  Learn how you naturally handle negotiations, manage conflict, make decisions and set priorities.  All of these are key leadership skills.  As already mentioned, at the end of each section you obtain development suggestions to improve your leadership performance.

Which FIRO is best for leadership skill development?

There are several FIRO leadership test options.  The one that provides the most efficacies for leadership development is a combination of FIRO and MBTI (Myers Briggs) tests.  Here’s just 4 reasons why: (1) you obtain 2 different assessments  into your leadership style and interpersonal leadership behaviors; (2) detailed explanations of results and interpretation of these results for leadership situations; (3) suggestions on how to improve your leadership skills for various leadership situations; and (4) it is a

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test on Personal Strengths

relatively inexpensive report at under $100 for a total of 22 page report.  Furthermore, with these results,  you will be able to access MBTI leadership development booklet for even more information.

Select the FIRO Business Profile and Leadership Report to provide you the most information for leadership skill development if you do not want to spend the $ 15 extra dollars for the FIRO and MBTI leadership test.

Which FIRO is least useful for leadership development?

Two FIRO leadership tests only provided charts of expressed and wanted behaviors without an explanation of what these behaviors mean for interpersonal or leadership situations.   These FIRO tests are useful only if you have already received or are currently receiving training about FIRO relational behaviors.  If you are not receiving training, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a test consult to extract meaning from your graphical results.


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