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Values are best understood as what is deemed to be “of importance”.  Career values, which are sometimes erroneously in my opinion defined from an employer’s perspective, are actually features of career or working life judged to be important most often based on one’s personal needs and motivations. In other words, career values, aka work values, are those work features an individual ascribes importance to when seeking a new career.

Work/Life Values Checklist ® *

There are a few sound career values test suitable for new career purposes.  Most career values tests simply provide an inventory to facilitate clarification of ones work values.  Work/Life Values Checklist is such an instrument. Upon completion of 38 items online, a report presents the work environment features deemed to be most important or more preferred.  This information enables an individual to sort through their career choices to isolate the one new career with the most preferred work setting.

Strong® Test *(Career Interest Test with Career Values Information)

Some career interest tests present career values as part of one’s general theme code as

Strong Test:  Find Careers by Interest and Career Preferences – The Best Interest Assessment and the most popular Student Interest Survey

does the Strong® Test.  This is only minimally helpful.  An individual must read and compare the career values of each of the themes to determine if the order of their general themes meets the 3 or 4 most common values of the theme.  Some Strong® Test reports such as the SII ADULT GENERAL Expanded Career Profile and Summary (also known as the Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report) produces a career motivator summary based on values that stimulate you to achieve in your career.  This is particularly useful for people with certain career personality types.  Typically, Myers Briggs® “N-P” types prefer to have a “guiding principle” or “talisman”  or “litmus test” to use when deciding on the many careers that interest them.  This report provide that mechanism through the articulation of the “career motivator”.

Career Anchors *

Career Anchors is a highly sought after career values test.   It helps individuals

Career_Anchors_career values test -best career values test for career roles and career worksheets for career exploration

determine their main “career anchor” for their current job as well as their new career. The assessment offers specific insights into personal work values so individuals are enable to make more satisfying new career decisions.  In addition, it describes the work tasks and associated work roles most suitable for the career anchor.  It does not provide occupational lists or career matches for career anchors, however.  Career Anchors is recommended for those individuals in the early, mid or late stages of their career and not as suitable for student seeking their first career.   It is generally more suitable for career development and career management purposes. Although individuals who have taken Career Anchors for new career purposes have found that the Career Anchor value categories provided guidance in determining their most suitable new career.

COPES * (part of the COPS System 3C)

Probably the most suitable new career values test is the COPES assessment.  It is one of

COPSystem – Career Interest Test – Career Ability Test – Career Values Test – a 3 in 1 career test system

the three assessments included in the COPS System 3C.  COPES is the career values test.  The other two assessments include a career interest test (COPS) and a career ability test (CAPS).  COPES provides 128 value statements to measure career values.  The scores for each item are keyed to the 14 COPSystem Career Clusters which enables individuals to uncover specific occupational areas match their personal career and work values.  Within each of these occupational areas, known as career clusters, are list of possible new careers from which an individual can choose.  Furthermore, and most importantly, links to government documentation on each job title listed which includes information such as median pay, education level, job outlook, work environment, similar occupations and so on is provided in the COPSystem report platform.  Finally, in conjunction with other COPSystem career test scores, individuals are to compare value results against interests and abilities.  It is recommended that one selects a career from those career clusters with high scores in all three COPSystem career tests.

Please review the career values test report samples for each of these career values tests.  Access* to samples is found through link attached to each career value test title. It is important to do so when selecting a career values test to determine a new career for yourself.

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