Would I Make a Good Professor?

Would I Make a Good Professor?

Post-secondary teachers instruct students in a wide variety of subjects beyond the high school level. Most work in public and private colleges and universities, professional schools, and junior or community colleges. Outside of class time, their schedules are generally flexible, and they may spend that time in administrative duties, advising students, and conducting research.

Educational requirements vary by subject and the type of educational institution. Typically, post-secondary teachers need a Ph.D. However, a master’s degree may be enough for community colleges, and others may need work experience in their field of expertise.

The median annual wage for post-secondary teachers was $78,470 in May 2018. Overall employment is projected to grow 11 percent over the decade, much faster than average. Enrollment at post-secondary institutions is expected to continue to rise. The majority of employment growth is likely to be in part-time positions.

 Interests of a College Professor

  • Social — Social occupations frequently involve working with, communicating with, and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others.
  • Enterprising — Enterprising occupations frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business.
  • Investigative — Investigative occupations frequently involve working with ideas, and require an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve searching for facts and figuring out problems mentally.

Do you have the interests of a professor? 

Work Styles of a College Professor

  • Integrity — Job requires being honest and ethical.
  • Analytical Thinking — Job requires analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems.
  • Independence — Job requires developing one’s own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done.
  • Achievement/Effort — Job requires establishing and maintaining personally challenging achievement goals and exerting effort toward mastering tasks.
  • Attention to Detail — Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.

Do you have the work styles of a professor? 

Work Values of a College Professor

  • Achievement — Occupations that satisfy this work value are results oriented and allow employees to use their strongest abilities, giving them a feeling of accomplishment. Corresponding needs are Ability Utilization and Achievement.
  • Independence — Occupations that satisfy this work value allow employees to work on their own and make decisions. Corresponding needs are Creativity, Responsibility and Autonomy.
  • Recognition — Occupations that satisfy this work value offer advancement, potential for leadership, and are often considered prestigious. Corresponding needs are Advancement, Authority, Recognition and Social Status.

Do you have the work values of a professor? 

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