FREE Career Test Report with NEW Highlands Ability Battery

Highlands Ability Battery Test Offers FREE Reports

The Highlands Ability Battery Test used for career exploration and career development now offers a

THAB - Highlands Ability Battery - finds "driving" career abilities making it the Best Career Ability Test for Career Aptitudes

THAB – Highlands Ability Battery – Best Career Ability Test for Career Aptitudes and Career Roles – Only Ability test that isolates “driving” career abilities

free careers list supplement report.  Now you can receive a list of careers for your top career ability patterns.  You can even try the Highlands Career Test out first for FREE.

Take the Highlands Ability Career test today.  It receives higher rankings than the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Career Test by people who have completed all three of these tests.  You’ll agree.  Choose the Adult or Student Version.

This new careers list supplement report isn’t just for people who are taking it for the first time.  That’s good news for hundreds of people who have already taken this amazing test.

If you have taken the Highlands Ability Battery Test prior to October 2014 you can receive this same report for yourself via this website.  Click on the highlighted area to obtain your Careers List Supplement Report if you have already completed a Highlands Ability Battery.

Plus, you can receive TWO additional reports of work types and ALL 69 career patterns with careers list when you purchase and schedule a CompreConsult.  Check it out by clicking on the link.  Check out the Highlands Ability Battery Work Types and Complete Career Patterns Reports here.

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