Multiple Intelligences: How can I understand my IQ, Career and Happiness?

Multiple Intelligences: How can I understand my IQ with The Highlands Ability Battery

IQ Test Limitation and Multiple Intelligence Testing

IQ tests may give people a number to trophy alongside their knowledge, but what useable information does a number have? That number typically only represents your processing speed and the depth of retained knowledge.  It doesn’t identify your real strengths.  The breadth of your strengths lies within what are called multiple intelligences and, good news, there are tools discover yours!   First let’s explore multiple intelligences further.

What are Multiple Intelligences?

Most people are unaware that as humans we can actually exhibit eight different forms of intelligence.  There might, in fact, be more. These eight vary between traditional definitions of intelligence like math and having a strong vocabulary to spatial reasoning and kinesthetic abilities. This theory, proposed by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, is called the Multiple Intelligence Theory. The theory is an exciting way to think about your IQ; instead of placing parameters on your intelligence it opens to the door to possibilities of understanding your unique IQ in terms of multiple intelligences not just one or two.  But, can you test for your multiple intelligences?  Yes, you can.

How can I test for my Multiple Intelligences?

Discovering your multiple intelligences takes some digging; in order to expedite the process easily accessible testing tools like the Highland Ability Battery have been developed. The Highland Ability Battery goes a step beyond traditional IQ tests.  While it includes a standard measure of IQ which is based on language, it also tests for some of Gardner’s multiple intelligences:  spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, linguistic intelligence, kinesthetic (bodily) intelligence, musical intelligence, visual intelligence. While it tests for logical intelligence, it does not test for the mathematical logical intelligence per se. But, it tests for so much more.  Read on..

What will the Highlands Ability Battery do for me?

The Highland Ability Battery (THAB)will generate details to help you define your areas of success and excellence, as well as what makes you happy.  Yes, this is a big claim, and the good news is that it is true.  Let me explain.

The Highland Ability Battery (THAB) will test for your multiple intelligences as listed above plus additional intelligences.  It will assess time frame projection capabilities, deductive and inductive reasoning, selling capabilities, spatial reasoning, as well as your “audience affinity”.

Multiple Intelligences for Happiness and Career

Even more important than knowing these intelligences is knowing what that means for your career and your happiness.  The Highland Ability Battery  (THAB) is capable of assessing the 6 intelligences which identify those ingredients for living that address your happiness.  The Highland Ability Battery (THAB) calls them “driving abilities” because if they drive for expression in your life.  That means, that if they do not have an outlet, they will unconsciously cause discomfort, dissatisfaction or even depression.  Knowing which of the multiple intelligences are linked to happiness is one very good reason for taking the Highlands Ability Battery test.

Combinations of Multiple Intelligences and Happiness

By combining various intelligences, The Highland Ability Battery (THAB)  is capable of identifying your strengths  and your career patterns by producing different combinations of multiple intelligences.  THAB refers to strengths as Work Types.  It is no longer possible (as of 11 2014) to automatically receive your Work Types report.  You will need to obtain the assistance of one of their trained career counselors  to access this report.

Combinations of Multiple Intelligences and Career Success

Career Patterns describe your multiple intelligences in terms of how they benefit you in your workplace and your career.  By combining specific driving abilities (those multiple intelligences linked to happiness) with other intelligences, The Highland Ability Battery will identify the career areas you will likely experience success, build expertise and find work you will enjoy.  Within each career area, you will receive a list of career fields demanding the specific combination of abilities; and within each career field you will see a list of as many as 25 occupations from which to choose your future career.

The Highland Ability Battery tests for more than the IQ and multiple intelligences.  It tests for those abilities (or intelligences) that lead to your success and happiness.

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