Which FIRO test is better leaders test? FIRO-B® or FIRO Business™

FIRO leadership test for leadership skills development

Which FIRO test is better leaders test? FIRO-B®  or FIRO Business™

There are two good leadership tests – FIRO-B®  and FIRO Business™ .  But which of the two is better for you, your team and  your company?  In this article we look at the factors to help you choose whether the FIRO-B®  or FIRO Business™  is better for your leadership and business needs.

What is a FIRO-B®  Leadership test?

FIRO-B®  stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviors.  It is an assessment tool used to understand an individual’s interpersonal needs and, furthermore, it’s set up to assess one’s relational behaviors.  More simply, FIRO-B®  assess how one interacts with people.

Most leadership roles require top-notch interpersonal skills. Since leaders need to possess interpersonal effectiveness and the FIRO-B®  measures just that, the FIRO-B®  is one of the top assessments chosen for and by leaders.  They choose the FIRO-B®  as a leadership test to facilitate their understanding of personal behavioral patterns with people in different arenas, situations and settings.

What is the FIRO Business™  Leadership test?

The  FIRO Business™ Test is a simply a streamlined version of original

FIRO-B Profile Chart Report

FIRO-B Profile Chart Report

FIRO-B® Test for business settings.  CPP, Inc., the current test publishers, observed the increasing needs of organizations seeking to develop their leaders and maximize the productive functioning of their teams. Since the FIRO-B®   test was never developed specifically for business specific settings, the FIRO Business™  Test was created using terms suited specifically for business applications.  More specifically, the interpersonal scenarios of the test questions and terms used in the report are relevant to business.

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