A Personal Review of Strong Interest Inventory Test for High School Students (By One)

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A Personal Review of Strong Interest Inventory Test for High School Students (By One)

As a high school student, generally when I hear the word “test”,  it’s not something I’m particularly excited about; but the Strong Interest Inventory is not just a test. It’s a career test and it’s an assessment based completely on what the test taker likes and dislikes.  From your likes and dislikes, you get an in-depth description of careers and more info about yourself. That was enough to convince me to take the High School version Strong Interest Inventory.

I was in eighth grade when I took the High School Strong Interest Test.  I was curious to find out what I might end up doing for an occupation. The career test didn’t take too much time and provided me with an outline of general occupations that might suit my interests.  It was the true start to my career hunt as a freshman.

Not only has it helped me identify what courses I should be taking in high school, but it also provided me with good learning tools.  From the High School Strong Career Test, I have identified my specific learning style to be “hands on” and in a more engaging setting. This has helped me with my studies and has also led me to the conclusion that I need activities in my daily life to keep me satisfied and happy in life.

Now I am finishing up my high school career and applying the information that I have learned from the High School Strong Interest Inventory to help me find a satisfying career for life.   It outlined several career options.  It did this by matching my interests to specific careers.  I’m using this information to start my search.  I have been told that if I find a career like one of the matches I’ll like my career.  I believe that since I really like the career options that came up on this High School career test, even though there were a few surprises.

Overall, I am convinced that the High School Strong Interest Test does help.

Strong Test for High School Students

Strong Interest Inventory

It’s giving me a general idea of what makes me as an individual happy in life in general.  Beside that this High School Career Test is pointing out careers that best fit me and listing  appropriate high school courses and college majors for me to take.  That’s a lot of good info for me to find a happy career.

It is important that young adults, like me, can be happy with their career.  I don’t think its smart to just find a career that just fits your abilities or to settle for one based on the first job you get (I hear this is the most common way people start

their careers).  The big idea is that Strong  Interest Test is just suppose to help folks like you and me figure out what we need in our life and our careers to be happy!   And, we do want to be happy, right?!  The High School Strong Test worked for me, and maybe this is the career test that you have been searching for!

Oh, I should tell you too that there is a College Strong Interest Inventory.  If you are a senior like I am now (or even a college student) this is the test to take.  Its got lots of the same information but leaves out the high school information.  I just took the College Strong Interest Test for some new insights this year.

Oh, before I sign off, my mom and I found it helpful to see samples of the tests before I

Sample of strong Interest Inventory high school and college test reports

Test Report Samples

took them so you might too.  Here they are: Strong Interest Inventory COLLEGE Career Test and Strong Interest Inventory HIGH SCHOOL Career Test.  These are the exact reports I got back from the Strong Interest Inventory tests I took.  And, make sure you take advantage of the FREE session with a career counselor.  That really help me understand so much more!!  Happy Careering to all of us Millennial kids (I think that’s what they call us).

By AHO23, Denver High School Student, 2014-15


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