TestEts: Career Assessment Test Hub moves UP in rankings

TestEts: Gets you Headed in the Right Direction for Success and Happiness

Head in the Right Direction for Success and Happiness

TestEts – a career assessment test hub – has been “live” on the internet for just 2 years and has already gained a page authority ranking of 32 – just 10 points behind its primary competitors.  A year ago it didn’t rank above 10. Two years ago it was at 0. What an accomplishment for such a young career assessment testing company.


Why is its ranking shooting up and closing in on its competitors?  The most obvious reason, and one that all SEO ranking sites recommend, is because it is constantly updating its content (1)  with new and better information about its career assessment test products and (2) by blogging about which tests are best for what purposes.

TestEts offers more than 100 career assessment tests from which you can choose.  That means that whatever your career issue or work concern, you can find the right career assessment test at TestEts for yourself or your employees.  To help you locate the right career assessment test, you can search for career assessment test by (1) test names, (2) career goals or purpose,  (3) scope (or coverage) of test, or (4) by your position. TestEts is currently working on a “test finding” quiz to help you find the right career assessment test for your needs and situation in a just matter of minutes. Check back later this year.

TestEts offers career assessment test products for professionals, students, leaders and corporations.  Anyone who desires to succeed, excel and find happiness at work and in their lives can find a career assessment test  for their very purpose at TestEts.  Chats are available currently to help you find just the career assessment test you need.

TestEts provides only genuine or real career assessment tests.  Unlike some sites, all of MBTI_Myers_Briggs_Type_Indicator_Logothe career assessment test products available through TestEts are published by highly reputable assessment test companies.  In other words, TestEts offers only real MBTI® or genuine Myers Briggs® tests, the real Strong Interest Inventory® test, the genuine FIRO-B® test, the actual Highlands Ability Battery, and so on.  No tests are marketed as “something like” or “similar to” the Myers Briggs® or Strong, for example.  Only real, genuine, copyrighted career assessment tests are offered at TestEts.

TestEts started up as the result of the efforts by career expert, Marjorie Wall Hofer whomwh dreamed of enabling individuals easy access to the best assessment tests on the market today.  She has scoured assessment test companies for the best products to offer on the site, and supplies a host of associated resources and services to gain the most from the results of their career assessment tests.  Resources and Services include: career test worksheets, career growth workbooks, MBTI® type booklets, other testing company books, in addition to different levels of career testing consultations – from basic feedback to comprehensive synthesis of multiple career tests.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at www.testet.com now.  OR check back in about one month for its revised and update new and easier to navigate site.  Discounts on products and services will be offered for those who sign up TODAY to comment on the updated TestEts website.

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