Would I Make a Good Film Director or Movie Producer?

Would I Make a Good Film Director or Movie Producer?

Producers and directors create motion pictures, television shows, live theater, commercials, and other performing arts productions, oftentimes under a lot of stress and deadline pressure. The payout is about $70,000 annually, and most people need a Bachelor’s degree to enter the field.

One of my favorite producers is George Lucas, producer of the original Star Wars series.  People in the industry thought he was crazy to make this new type of movie, but he stayed true to his vision of creating “another” world based on the big themes of our world. In an interview I heard years ago he described how he envisioned it. He told that he researched religious belief systems and used the dominant themes of them all upon which he would create the story.  Good wins, community of diverse people who band together to do good, the underdog saves the world from the ever-lurking evil entity out to deceive and destroy the planet. This kind of thinking demands a multitude of natural talent based reasoning abilities.

Ready to Work: Skills match my Interests

Ready to work with the skills I have for a career I love.

How he raised his children confirms his vast array of talents.  He told Oprah he had given all of his children the education they needed, but they would not receive a dime more in inheritance. How many of us would do this with our own children? Not many at all because we do not possess the breadth of his natural reasoning abilities. Can you reason out for yourself why he concluded that this was necessary? I’d love to hear your answers on this question with a comment below.

Do you have the natural abilities to be a movie producer? 

There are few occupations that demand all of the talent based reasoning abilities: Movie Producer is one of them. A talent based reasoning ability is a high score on a driving ability on the Highlands Ability Battery. They are called talent-based because they are innately born with ways to think that do not require knowledge to know what to do. Movie Producer is one of a few occupations that require all of these unique natural abilities. It also satisfies the drives or needs to express them.

How do I score?

You also need to have high scores in several of the smarts abilities.  These are high scores in multiple learning channels especially verbal memory which enables you to comprehend and recall what you read. Vocabulary needs to be at a moderate level. It is related to IQ (storage and access speed of data stored in your head).   

You also need high scores in ability combos that relate to visual and creative abilities: Idea generation or productivity, design memory and pitch discrimination. High scores in pitch are related to sensitivities to subtle variances in color, light, smell, sounds, taste and touch. You will need to explore further to learn if you have the most important ones: color, light, and sound for movie producing. 

Finally, scoring high as a generalist is very useful as a movie producer. It enables you to get into the heads of all of your employees from actors, to camera persons to art directors and so on. By that I mean that you will automatically understand them and what they need and how they think and communicate. Specialists tend to need to check in to see if they are on the same page; they don’t automatically think like others. Millennials are increasingly becoming specialists in their relating abilities. 


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