Using Career Testing to Choose a College

Use College Career Testing to Choose a College

College Career Testing is the latest way to find your abilities and interests and match them to a college you choose based on the results of your test. How? Career testing works to find what you’re good at, naturally, and what types of careers you are drawn to. These are almost always different, or much broader, than the choices you’d make on your own.

Get a Career Direction by Using College Career Testing

Use College Career Testing to Choose a College and Get a Career Direction

The science of neurobiology has discovered that there are many natural tendencies our brains can’t overcome. There are jobs that certain people will never like or be good at, no matter how hard or long they try. Conversely, there are jobs you may excel at quite naturally that you would never know at all without a career test. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a college, or a major, that’s never going to be a good fit.

College Career Testing allows you to choose a college that offers a career direction you’ll be drawn to from the very start. College profile results ensure you choose a college that fits your career path the first time. No more changing colleges because the first one didn’t offer the major you fell in love with your senior year. A good college career counselor can help you clarify and understand your strengths, weaknesses and preferences so that you can make more confident decisions.

Once you’ve selected a general direction to go, you can choose a college that offers the right branch of study for you. Maybe you sign on for general studies in that branch your first year, before choosing the college of study to narrow it down to. Or you might get a feel for the major you want and, with career testing to back up your decision, be confident to choose a major in your field of study from the start.

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