Myers Briggs Test comes with Free Test Consult

Myers Briggs Test now comes with a free feedback consultation with licensed Myers Briggs consultant.  This is the new edict from CPP, Inc. the exclusive publisher of the Myers Briggs Test.

CPP, Inc. requires all Myers Briggs Test consultants to offer a feedback consultation with the purchase of the test. The consultation must be interactive and informative and be conducted by a licensed Myers Briggs consultant.  This new development has been met with mixed responses from test purchasers.

Many Myers Briggs Test purchasers have not welcomed the change.  Some find this to be just a nuisance.  Others view it as totally unnecessary since they are taking the Myers Briggs Test as part of a school course or are working with a counselor who has requested they obtain it for their personal growth.  Others, I believe, object to it outright on the basis that it eliminates their anonymity.   A perception of anonymity exists around taking a test online from the privacy of your home.   The required feedback session seemingly exposes their identity to at least one individual which cancels out anonymity.

However, the Myers Briggs Test publishers truly have the best interests of their purchasers in mind.  There is so much misunderstanding, misperception and misinformation in the general public about the Myers Briggs terms, scales and types.  Most people do not fully understand functions vs orientations or even Extraversion vs Introversion (its not outgoing or quiet).

Furthermore, in my 15 years of work with the Myers Briggs Test, I’d estimate that 85% of my thousand+ clients have revised their MBTI type based on the verification process.  That means, that if  you were to take the test you would have an 85% chance that one of your scales was not completely accurate.  There are several reasons for this which I won’t go into now.

For those who have received the required feedback appointment with their Myers Briggs Test in the past couple of months, all have expressed their gratitude for the surprisingly beneficial information they received about themselves and the Myers Briggs Test results.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Personality Test on Personal Strengths

If you would like to learn more about what to expect in a feedback consult regarding the Myers Briggs Test, please contact [email protected]

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