Would I Make a Good Dentist?

Dentists in the U.S. earn well over six figures per year, but the job requires a certain mindset in order to be successful. Today, we’ll explore how you can determine whether dentistry could be your dream job.

The best way to determine whether dentistry is the path for you is by taking The Highland’s Ability Battery Test.

Take the Highlands Ability battery for aptitudes

Test results need to show that you’re an Introverted Specialist. This is someone that is most satisfied with becoming experts and sharing that expertise in their field. An example is a professor sharing with their class, or scientist releasing new research.

A great dentist also needs Classification and Concept Organization to see solutions clearly and act on them quickly, as well as helping other understand the process.

Lastly, Spatial and Visual Abilities play a strong role in dentistry for being able to understand a system, remembering patterns, and noticing changes.

Does this sound like you, but you still want to explore options? You might also consider becoming a zoologist, neurologist, or archaeologist.

Take The Highland’s Ability Battery Test now to see if this is the perfect fit for you.




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