MBTI Assessment Options

CPP offers two forms of the MBTI assessment- the Form M (Step 1) assessment and the From Q (Step 2) assessment:

  • MBTI Form M (Step 1)- includes 93 items and identifies individuals’ personality type (made up of four basic preferences, generating a four-letter type code) and provides a common language around how they interact with the world and each other
  • MBTI Form Q (Step 2)- includes 144 items ( the 93 items in Form M, plus 51 other items) to drill down to a finer level of detail to explore personal variation within each type; it provides individuals’ MBTI four-letter type code plus results on 20 facets of that type (five for each preference) and is the second step in personal and professional development using the MBTI assessment

An additional option is MBTI® Complete, which combines the MBTI Step 1 assessment with a basic interpretation developed by type expert Allen Hammer, PhD. Endorsed by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, this one-stop online offering boosts training effectiveness by automating participants’ introduction to personality type.

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