Career Tests

Career Tests

Find the Right Career Test for your career needs by using one of the following categories:

BRAND: Career test is listed by its publisher or its brand name:  Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, FIRO-B, THAB Highlands Ability Battery, DISC, COPS3, Career Anchors, TKI, and more

TYPE: Career test is listed by its category type: Personality, Interest, Interpersonal, Ability, Behavioral, Values, Conflict, etc.

PURPOSE: Career test is listed by its suitable purpose or reason for taking it: Career Development, Career Discovery, Leadership, Team Building, Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, etc.

SCOPE:  Career test is listed by its scope and quality: Basic/Simple, Moderate/Suitable, Advanced, Comprehensive, Thorough, Best/Ultimate.  Advanced and beyond typically consist of combination of career tests.